Monday, September 25, 2006

Blogging Break

Hello everyone. I'm sorry I've been MIA, but one day without posting turned into two...and then three...and four, and before I knew it I was just on a blogging break.

I've had some good things happen...and some bad. I'm in a bit of an in between space right now and also in the midst of planning for my wedding (which is coming up on October 21st). It's pretty hard to pique my interest much these days unless you are a tasty wedding favor, poofy dress or italian honeymoon.

So apologies for the dryspell...but alas, if I'm being truthful its likely going to last through early November (when we return from the afore mentioned Italian honeymoon). I hope everyone out there in cyber space is peachy keen and am keeping my fingers crossed that when I return from our fun-filled trip I'll be full of posts and useful information.

ciao for now.