Monday, September 24, 2007

Paper Bride For Sale: UPDATE

Wowza, this internet thing is pretty sensational. Thanks to everyone who has emailed me regarding the sale of the business. Because I'm lazy, here are some quick answers that many of you seem to have:

*YES, the company is still for sale. I am currently talking with a few different peeps, and our next owner may be in this group (a couple seem genuinely serious), but no offers have been made yet, so it's still anyone's game.

*In terms of what the sale will/can include: It's Paper Bride, Paper Mama and for the most enterprising of you, several other complementary brands that I have already begun to flesh out. This will include licensing rights, inventory, website URL's, and all of the advice I can manage to squeeze out of my brain.

*My future involvement is a question mark, but I am very open to staying involved (writing cards, brainstorming ideas, fine-tuning branding and helping with marketing and PR) for the right arrangement and the right price.

*Without getting into specifics, I am selling for personal reasons only. Thus far, both lines have been received incredibly well, rec'd loads of press and for all intents and purposes, have pretty much flown off the shelves. Have you ever dated a guy who tried breaking up with you and said "It's not's me"? Well, I really mean it this time :)

*I can't simply throw out a price as there are many different factors involved (i.e. are both brands included? only one? add'l brands? do I stay involved? current inventory?). Rest assured that I am anxious and open to any reasonable offers. Having said that, if you don't have any money, access to any money, any ideas about borrowing/begging/or stealing any money, this probably isn't going to work.

*Yes I will be reachable, available and anxious to help whomever takes over with all of the inside scoop, feedback from my screw ups and tricks of the trade that I learned along the way. I'm not going to send my little "baby" out into the world without a fully stocked diaper bag, a new bugaboo stroller and and all the fixins.

Hopefully this answers the basic questions. If I left anything out, leave me a comment (maybe others have the same questions?). For anything super specific, or if you genuinely want to throw your hat into the ring, email me at erica at paperbride dot com (hurry!).

Friday, August 24, 2007

Paper Bride For Sale

I must admit, its pretty ironic that my last post was entitled "raddical sabbatical." You don't have to have a math degree to figure out that I've been MIA for quite a few months now.

I'm never one to beat around the bush, so here goes: because the universe never ceases to amaze me, I decided to officially put it out there into the cosmos that I'd like to sell my little ole' biz Paper bride. The "why" is fairly complicated, though not related at all to the actual biz and much more about the craziness of my own life. I put a whole lot of sweat and tears into getting' this puppy going, and I think for the right person, it could be pretty darn fantastic. We've got inventory, a built in customer database, a very successful online store and a network of retailers across the country, so for someone whose been looking to start a business without all of the hassle of actually starting it, this could be an amazing fit.

Phew. Ok, that wasn't so hard.

If anyone is interested in talking specifics, feel free to email me at erica at paperbride dot com.