Friday, August 24, 2007

Paper Bride For Sale

I must admit, its pretty ironic that my last post was entitled "raddical sabbatical." You don't have to have a math degree to figure out that I've been MIA for quite a few months now.

I'm never one to beat around the bush, so here goes: because the universe never ceases to amaze me, I decided to officially put it out there into the cosmos that I'd like to sell my little ole' biz Paper bride. The "why" is fairly complicated, though not related at all to the actual biz and much more about the craziness of my own life. I put a whole lot of sweat and tears into getting' this puppy going, and I think for the right person, it could be pretty darn fantastic. We've got inventory, a built in customer database, a very successful online store and a network of retailers across the country, so for someone whose been looking to start a business without all of the hassle of actually starting it, this could be an amazing fit.

Phew. Ok, that wasn't so hard.

If anyone is interested in talking specifics, feel free to email me at erica at paperbride dot com.

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