Sunday, December 10, 2006

Radical Sabbatical

For a couple of years now, I've been sort of obsessed with this show on the Fine Living Network called Radical Sabbatical. It is a show that follows successful, top-of-their-field peeps who one day decide to hang up their briefcases and burn their ties and pantyhose to pursue their life's passions. It seems as if most people on the show are leaving corporate jobs to go off and pursue way cooler (and much more fun) endeavors such as winemaking, running a dude ranch or moving to mexico and opening a breakfast cafe.

It's interesting because eventhough I feel like I took a bit of chance by leaving my full-time job to start Paper Bride and Paper Mama, I still don't feel nearly as brave as the people on this show. They really are all shining of examples of what happens when you go charging toward that cliff, leap off without a parachute and hope for the best. Of course, all of them end up happy, fulfilled, and sucessful at whatever they have chosen to do. I guess that's a requirement of being on the show, so perhaps the results are a bit skewed, but I'm fascinated nonetheless.

I'm not even sure what my dream-come-true radical sabbatical would be for sure, but after our honeymoon in Italy, I'm thinking it would likely have to be someplace in Italia.

What would you do if you ever took your life in the direction of a radical sabbatical?


Anonymous said...

The fact that you have changed direction in your life means that you have changed the course you had originally set forth. I give you a lot of credit.
I have changed my life but it came about as a result of a major illness that actually is now chronic. It is always there and even though my life isn't where it began my life is where it was meant to be at this time.
If you are happy with where you are that is the most important thing.

Andra said...

Thank you for having such a great blog! I've been a lurker for quite a while, and always find it highly inspirational. Keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...


I love your paperbride site (found it last night) but none of the links work. I can't look at the Bridal box, or in fact anything - I just get the same page over and over ... will this be fixed soon?

Lacey said...

I'll click some of your sponsor links to help support your choice :) good luck!

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Never teh Bride said...

I would open a little cafe that mimicked the sort you find in certain European countries but seldom see in the states. Maybe have a stand up counter for folks on the go. It'd be really casual, yet elegant. OR I'd open a dance studio. One or the other...I can't decide.

emily2200 said...

You are a busy and creative woman! Thanks for the great blog! You should take a vacation! Check out Pampered Passions!They have a contest to win a Bahamas trip. We’re going for our honeymoon, but I wouldn’t mind goin back.
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Bride of Rochester said...

tag, you’re it!

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Nicole Kraft said...

I would travel the world to interview interesting people and write about their lives and tell their stories. There are so many places I want to visit! I think I would get an around the world ticket.