Monday, December 04, 2006

Project 365

I read about a "project 365" recently and I really just think this is a fun, cool idea. Simply, you just need to take one digital photo a day for 365 days. This will then become a year-long photo album/diary for you and your family and will likely turn into a pretty cool keepsake. With the end of the year looming, this sounds like a fun project to take on for 2007.


tammy said...

Hey, have you seen this?

I found this today and it seemed like something you'd be into reading.

ao said...

THis sounds like such a neat idea! I really want to to this... I kinda wish I would have started last year! So much has happened since then!

Vanda said...

Thanks for the inspiration! You reminded me of this wonderful project, and I started it on my Birthday!

(it's the year I'm getting married, so it should be fun)

Candis said...

We suggest brides do this for their wedding planning. Not every day but every step. You have so many pictures of your day, you'll cherish those planning reminders!

Lacey said...

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