Friday, October 21, 2005

Working from Home

Do you work out of your home? Now, I do! So I love to read tips from other people who have figured out to do this effectively (right now I'm sitting on my couch with Dr. Phil on in the I seriously need some help):

Living and Working in Cramped Quarters.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Blog Spam (Blam?)

Over the past several months I've really begun to enjoy and get into the groove of blogging. It's kind of a crazy concept: I write a bunch of crap that is interesting to me and other people out in the world (*maybe*) stop by every once in awhile to enjoy it too. Even if no one else in the world finds my crap interesting, its a nice outlet for me. Don't get me wrong...this isn't a "WHO THE HELL NEEDS YOU!" sort of statment, but for anyone who has ever kept a diary or a journal, you can likely relate to the cathartic aspect of gettin' your thoughts down on paper--in this case, however, my paper is on your computer screen.

So, here I was bloggin' away, enjoying myself and whistlin' a happy tune, and then it happened: blog spam. I love getting comments just as much as the next guy. In fact I have my settings set up such that when a comment is added to my blog, I get emailed--that's how much I love em' (so keep em coming!). But a month or so ago, I was checking my email and noticed that I had 7 or so new comments added to my blog within the course of a few hours. I'm well aware that the size of my readership is...well...a bit on the petite size, shall we size, so needless to say this was highly unusual. After further investigation, I realized that *all* of the newly added comments were bogus: "hey you have a really great blog! Check out (%$^^&.com for some fun online poker games!" Uhm, no thanks.

As with email spam, it seems like once you get on one list, within days you are on hundreds; in weeks you are on thousands; and within months you need to hire a personal assistant to simply deal with all of the spam crap filling up your mailbox. So it went, with blog spam too. I reached a point where if a comment showed up, my first response was to roll my eyes. Blog spam was beginning to affect my life. In fact, it nearly caused me to abandon my beloved blog!

Lucky for me, one of my fab, superstar readers solved my problem! (check out Angela Willis fab wedding design & consultation company: Elegance in Bloom

Here is a step-by-step for those of you who are using a blogger template and are suffering as I was:

1. Within your blog (on blogger, that is) click on "settings"
2. Click on comments
3. Click "yes" for show word verification for comments
4. Click "save settings"

Ok, so YES, this will mean that your blog readers will have to take an extra 11 seconds to type in the weird looking letters in the box before they comment, *but* most of your blog readers are blog I don't think they'll mind too much. And trust me, this will really make all the difference in the world (can you hear my sighs of relief!?)

While we're on the matter of insidious blog spam, let me further lodge my hatred publicly for splogs!

Goin back to Cali...

Blanket apologies for the super sad, irregular postings of late. Rest assured, its for good reason:

1. I've quit my job! Hooray! And will now be working on Paper Bride full time! (overuse of exclamation points, i know, but freedom rules).
2. I'm away on vacation. Yep, decided to take some "me" time. Here is where I am: Big Horn. If you think the pics look nice, they don't even come close to doing this place justice.
3. Due to #1 and #2 I have flavored iced teas to drink, long hikes to attend to and afternoons by the pool to manage.

I will try not to continue to ignore my bloggity blog, but have you tasted a passion mango iced tea lately? They make it hard to concentrate on much else.

For anyone looking to learn how to play the guitar, here is a pretty fab reference. My gawgous fiance is a guitar player, so its in my best interest to create more just like him...

Tuesday, October 04, 2005

This seriously sucks

Soon we all might be plagued with paying/collecting online sales tax. Bah humbug :(

Monday, October 03, 2005

Liquid Treat

Check us out! Much to everyone's surprise at Paper Bride headquarters, we were featured in last weeks Liquid Treat newsletter.

"Liquid Treat delivers a fun inspirational and informative weekly e-mail about design-related topics in a varitey of categories. You'll get cool ideas and design solutions, plus you'll learn about creative people, must-see places or events and interesting products, including unique toys for the kiddies and pets. "

Thanks, Liquid Treat!

Sign up here.


Ahhh..boys, I knew it was just a matter of time. Apparently, bridezillas are passe, its now all about the groomzillas. Might I add that this new breed of crazy boy soon-to-be wedded's sound a lot crazier and bitchier than their female counterparts. I, for one, am thoroughly entertained. Stay tuned for some groomzilla cards in Paper Bride's upcoming collection!

p.s. Several weeks ago, I was watching My Super Sweet Sixteen on MTV and a young chap was featured in the episode who called himself a "Devo"--a male Diva. Nope, folks I could *not* make this stuff up if I tried. Use this word correctly in a sentence? Ok:

If a "Devo" were to get engaged, chances are he would turn into a "groomzilla" pretty darn quckly.