Thursday, October 13, 2005

Goin back to Cali...

Blanket apologies for the super sad, irregular postings of late. Rest assured, its for good reason:

1. I've quit my job! Hooray! And will now be working on Paper Bride full time! (overuse of exclamation points, i know, but freedom rules).
2. I'm away on vacation. Yep, decided to take some "me" time. Here is where I am: Big Horn. If you think the pics look nice, they don't even come close to doing this place justice.
3. Due to #1 and #2 I have flavored iced teas to drink, long hikes to attend to and afternoons by the pool to manage.

I will try not to continue to ignore my bloggity blog, but have you tasted a passion mango iced tea lately? They make it hard to concentrate on much else.

For anyone looking to learn how to play the guitar, here is a pretty fab reference. My gawgous fiance is a guitar player, so its in my best interest to create more just like him...


Anonymous said...

You are creating greatness. You deserve a break.

Keep us posted on your sucess.

Remember there are tons of people wishing you make it so we can do the same thing. Here's to freedom!

Jenie said...

aw, i'm jealous. :) i wish dragonfly were making enough money yet for that. it was nice having the last year with nothing to do but my own stuff, but unfortunately, the siren call of money can be heard yon. i'm glad you get to do that, though! definitely stoked for you. :)

the word down there for verification is lerfwofn. hee! for some reason, that greatly amuses me. :)

Kathy said...

That is SO incredibly wonderful! You definitely deserve all of the accolades. Best of luck - I know you'll do awesome.

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