Sunday, May 29, 2005

Hooray for Gay Weddings!

My "hooray" is two-fold. Firstly, its about time that gay couples begin to get their props with the loooong overdue notion that marriage can mean much more than just man+woman. My fingers are crossed that this will stop being such a controversial, attention grabbing topic and soon just fade into the background of our cultural norm. Secondly, if you are involved in the wedding industry, you best begin to take notice that this super duper important group of customers is ready, willing and able to take the world of weddings by storm. Those who have jumped on the bandwagon early are already reaping benefits, with gay specific wedding services from planners to caterers hitting the scene.

MSn recently featured on article on Gay wedding registries. The article mentions a cool sounding chick named Gretchen Hamm who got herself involved in the gay wedding biz after experiencing her own frustrations in trying to plan her own daughter's lesbian wedding. She went on to start and which sells cake toppers, albums and all sorts of fun stuff for gay brides and grooms. You go girl.

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