Monday, November 28, 2005

Ten Rules for Web Startups

Ok, granted this list has been everywhere over the past few days, but it really is that good.

Even for those of us who already have a biz (and therefore might be a bit late in the game to a list like this), there is still valuable information here. #4 rang very true for me:

"#4: Be Picky
Another perennial business rule, and it applies to everything you do: features, employees, investors, partners, press opportunities. Startups are often too eager to accept people or ideas into their world. You can almost always afford to wait if something doesn't feel just right, and false negatives are usually better than false positives. One of Google's biggest strengths—and sources of frustration for outsiders—was their willingness to say no to opportunities, easy money, potential employees, and deals."

This is a great reminder that the world will not hinge upon whether or not we're in a particular magazine at a particular moment, or that if Neiman Marcus comes a 'knockin, we don't have to immediately say "SIGN ME UP!" (ok, someone might seriously need to remind me of this if Neimans does come a 'knockin).

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andregirl said...

Good stuff, Erica. Thanks!