Thursday, November 24, 2005

The Thanksgiving Grateful Hacks: Paperbride style

Taking a cue from Gawker and their fab roundup of what all sorts of media peeps are thankful for, here is my list (in no particular order):

*that I have finally (and wholeheartedly) kicked my six can a day diet coke addiction (Hollah for Perrier!)
*cheesy (yet delicious) TV shows such as "My Fair Brady," "America's Next Top Model," "Making the Band 3" and "Miss Seventeen"
*the fact that I can enjoy above shows because of the magic of: tivo, tivo & tivo (try explaining to your friend that you can't go out tonight because you have to stay home and catch "Miss Seventeen"--it ain't pretty).
*movie theater popcorn
*stem cell transplants
*Jet Blue
*beautiful, creamy, colorful paper
*our heart stopping Statue of Liberty/bridge/pretty water view
*Dansko clogs
*Clorox wipes
*my loud, hungry (oftentimes bizarre) family
*the transfirmer
*friends that could testify that I'm the worst caller/stay-in-toucher out there, but don't dump me anyway
*the internet
*bread from Balthazaar
*the Container Store
*scented Henri Bendel candles
*the fact that I finally decided to take the leap and start my own business (and that the universe has pretty much just aligned with me since)
*Justin Timberlake
*our doorman Frank
*french fries
*Canal Street Louis Vuitton knockoffs
*feather beds
*all my blog readers
*my reputation as a great gift giver
*the Union Square farmer's market
*central AC AND heat

Happy Thanksgiving :)

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