Thursday, January 19, 2006

Multitasking multiplies

With few exceptions, (i.e Watching Lost) I rarely do one thing at once. Right now I'm watching a season one episode of Veronica Mars, typing a blog entry, finishing a load of laundry, sporadically adding items to my "to do" list and intermittently petting my dog. I'm not good at focussing...I'm a mega multitasker.

Time Magazine (via lifehacker) says that all of this multitasking is actually helping us all to get less done.

Apparently we're all supposed to just be doing one thing at a time--focussed on one particular task and not dividing our attention among many.

Yikes. I need to work on this one big time.

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marzi said...

this is not i am a MAJOR multitasker!