Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Gifts & Dec!

For any stationery (or gift biz) insiders, you've surely heard of, and probably subscribe to Gifts & Decorative Accessories Magazine or "Gifts and Dec" to those in the know. It's a wonderful trade magazine, and always provides me with loads of insight and great examples of what's hot in the industry right now. I think its SUPER important to "keep up with joneses" so to speak and pay attention to the trends as well as what all of your competitors are up to.

We were lucky enough to meet the lovely editors of Gifts & Dec at NSS and they've included us in a fab roundup they did of loads of cool new companies and products from the show. I was thrilled to see the lovely Cat Seto included, as well as some other faves. For anyone who did not get to attend NSS, but would like a taste, def check this article out!


i *heart* paper said...

Thanks PB!! I always look forward to their NSS issue :-)

Nikki said...

Just the home page of Cat's site makes me want to buy everything she is offering up!