Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Yay for Interns

I don't have any interns, but man would I like some.

I came across this article recently that discusses the fact that interns are not just for big boomin' companies anymore. I know a few friends with smaller companies who have honed in on the whole intern scene this summer, and yes you can color me jealous.

I think sometimes, as smaller companies, we tend to forget about, or even think that we're not able to take advantage of, the same sort of resources that other larger, more established companies do...and that's just plain ole wrong.

I did not get it together in time to snap myself up a great summer college intern, but I'm definitely going to go for it next summer. I guess this is a good reminder that we should all try to take a look around every once in awhile and take note of all of the great resources we each have at our fingertips.

p.s. if there are any college kids left in NYC with nothin to do, email me!


bee said...

i've been thinking about this myself and i could definitely use an intern or two!

i *heart* paper said...

I got through my first year in business with the help of interns...and ended up hiring one of them full time. I HIGHLY recommend them!! I posted jobs at the local art school to snag artsy-crafty people.