Friday, May 26, 2006

Paper Bride & Paper Mama Rocked it Out at the National Stationery Show

The Stationery Show is over and done with and all in all, I'd say it was pretty darn fab! There were a few more exciting moments, but mostly: we made lots more money, met lots more great people (like Joy from Oh Joy! who is just adorable and oh so sweet), picked up some great new reps and made some great new friends. Best of all, I found some wedding invitations! My friend, the marvelously talented Cat from Cat Seto, is doing them for us and they are going to be de-vine!

I would have loved more time to look around more and meet some more people, but I felt like everytime I left my booth, something major would go down and then I wouldn't want to leave again. Luckily I had my aunt kim, whose my partner in crime, to help out and we really made a fab team. We also had the sweetest and most wonderful neighbors (Myklo Designs and Somerset Manor Designs who I really look forward to staying in touch with).

Thankfully, this year Javits did away with the "circus tent" that they had us all under last year, and I was MUCH happier being in the main hall. The show was a lot smaller and I heard from a lot of people that it was really not such a great show for them. I guess for me, we had nowhere to go but up, so a year really made a big difference.

See everyone at NSS 2007!

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joy said...

sounds like a great year! and fab choice on the invitations!