Friday, June 09, 2006

Blogging for Cash

People trying to make some cold hard cash off of their blogging is becoming more and more common. Of course, you have the google AdSense option, which is great for those that get a good deal of traffic to their sites. But I recently came across this fab new service, Scoopt Words, which is a pretty darn cool idea too.

Basically, you simply add a button to your blog that allows people to buy your content, and after clicking, Scoopt Words handles the whole transaction and the money shows up in your paypal account. In a sense, Scoopt Words becomes your agent (and of course takes a cut).

This idea began simply with Scoopt, which was the world's first citizen journalism photo agency. The idea was that the public at large probably has a whole lotta photos that would be useful to the press, so they set up this service to help the two groups find one another. Scoopt has now grown into Scoopt Words, which takes the same idea and applies it to blogging.

So for those of you with lots of information oriented posts (remember, this stuff needs to appeal to the masses, so posts about your dog's adventures at the dog run (while cute!) probably are not going to cut it), this could be a wonderful source of some passive income.

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Elle Brown said...

Thanks Erica - for bringing this to my attention. I'm a great follower of and I'm always on the look out for new ways to monetis my blog without turning it into a virtual Las Vegas with flashing buttons and banners! I will try ScooptWords out and see if I have any success. Best Elle.