Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Strapless Begone!

[We take a break from our regularly scheduled small biz programming to bring you: a bit of wedding talk!]

I was tickled pink to find this article today in the SF Gate on strapless wedding gowns (via WeddingBee.com), and more importantly, on brides' inexplicable fixation with them.

I've already gone on record as firmly planted in the anti strapless dress club. It's not that I don't like the look of these dresses, or don't appreciate the "bridal-ocity" of them...its just that EVERYONE WEARS THEM! But this is where I differ with 99% of the bridal population...I want my wedding to look and be totally 100% different from the "norm" and many brides want the full-on fairly tale deluxe package with all of the trimmings (i.e white strapless dress, limo to the church, bridesmaids all in a row, etc). And I really, truly think that's great. I promise I do. I think your wedding should be exactly, in every way shape or form, what you want it to be. I just want mine to be different. And [OK, full disclosure: I don't have nice upper arms].


joy said...

great post! i don't like strapless either and stayed away from strapless for my dress, too.

ems said...

Thank you for addressing this! I have not started to try on dresses yet but am not at all interested in the "ball gown" look. I will be sending the article to my mom to read who has only seen strapless dresses in all the newspaper anouncements