Wednesday, June 28, 2006

TED Talks

My brother's name is Ted, but that's not the TED I'm talkin' about.

TED stands for Technology Entertainment Design, and each year there is a pretty shi shi exclusive TED conference that only 1000 people are invited to. The speakers at TED are pretty beyond phenomenal; they are movers and shakers in every major industry and specialty.

Since its so darn exclusive, I don't think my invite to TED is comin' anytime soon. So I was so glad to see that they have recently launched TEDtalks which is a new section of the website that allows you to either download audio or video of some of their most prominent speakers.

None of these people are in the same industry I am, but they all have some pretty inspiring things to say. I put a few of my podcasts on hold today for some TED talks.



Henry said...


Listen to the Tony Robbins clip.
I am touched, moved and inspired for the day.

Thanks for sharing.

Toccare Design

Anonymous said...

I was fortunate when I was at Sony to attend two TEDs and they were fantastic. Like a spa for your brain. Lots of inspiring people on the stage and in the audience. Being a startup I can't afford the $5K fee but one day...