Friday, June 10, 2005

Guess who's a Paper Bride?

Yes indeedy folks, you heard it here first--Greg and I are engaged! Hollah! As of last Thursday, I am the future Mrs. Right-Man (Reitman) and it feels pretty divine.

Greg totally surprised me with a romantic whirlwind proposal. He normally leaves about a half an hour before I do for work, but on that day told me they were interviewing some people in the morn and he did not want to be in the way, so he was going to walk out with me. Totally plausible in my eyes, so I was clueless about what was about to pass. As we walk out the front door of our building, a white Rolls Royce phantom was parked out front. But, hey, this is NYC and I thought " car...gotta get to work!" and was about to breeze right by. This is when greg said "NO, wait. This is for us. Today is your special day." I was in shock. I still didn't quite believe him until he walked up the driver and introduced himself and before I knew it we were sitting in the car.

Greg told me he was taking me on a trip down memory lane--to all of the special places in the city that were "ours." I think it took me 10 mins or so to get back my ability to form human words and understand language. Then I was able to relax and enjoy the specialness of the day.

Our first stop was the Grassroots Tavern on St. Marks. This is where Greg and I met almost four years ago at a little shindig thrown by our friend Blake. At each stop throughout the day we got out of the car and greg shared his special memories with me of that spot or that day and I did the same. It was pretty pixie stick sweet and I loved every second of it.

Next stop was my old place on Houston Street where I first introduced Greg to the pleasures of Tivo and our fave Indian restaurant Rangoli and the beauty of the Mojito.

We then moved on to greg's old apartment in Murray Hill before we hit up Magnolia Bakery for some cupcakes and, yup, you guessed it, more fab memories.

Our next stop threw me off (good work g-funk) for a moment, but Greg picked the perfect one. He took me right near the park that is by our apartment where we walk with Oliver all the time. It was a beautiful spot that is right out on the water...and this is where he proposed.

The moment really was just as I had always dreamed it would be. It was special and wonderful and emotional and completely unforgettable.

Our final stop was lunch at Balthazar which was just the perfect end to our trip.

My ring is TDF if I do say so myself. It's exactly what I wanted (cushion cut in a cellini setting) and for anyone who has seen me in the past week, may I just make a blanket apology that I just can't help staring at it. Really, I do care about your new job, sold house, great movie review, brush with death...I swear I do. But my ring is just so darn sparkly and needs a lot of attention.

Here's greg's recap of the special day. If you want to see more pics (including a ring close up, you can go here.


Angela Willis said...

Congratulations! I am so happy for you! It sounds like a fantastic day, one worth adding to the memory book!

Let me know if you would like help with your plans,

Elegance In Bloom

Ericka said...

Congratulations, Erica!!!!!!!

how 'bout a closeup pic of the sparkler!?!? I am a jewelry whore! :)

andregirl said...

Congratulations!!!! I'm so very happy for you! Keep us posted.

joy said...

sounds wonderful! congrats! your ring is gorgeous