Monday, June 20, 2005

I don't think it gets any cheez whizzier than this...

Whether you've had one or not, we all know that weddings cost big bucks. Star Jones recently brought the trend of sponsored weddings to the forefront, in which you somehow manage to coerce major companies to foot the bill for various aspects of your wedding by mentioning them (over and over and over again) and allowing them to make use of the resulting publicity firestorm. While you can't fault the idea in the arena of ingenuity, as someone who could have paid for her own wedding 10 times over without having her bank account seriously affected, I'm left feeling like any teeny tiny bit of admiration I may have once had for Star Jones has been chewed up, spit out and left in the gutter for my dog to sniff. To me, her entire wedding turned into an appalling, staples center like caricature of itself and ended up so far off the mark from the beautiful, meaningful, "we are in love, honor us" sort of day that I think most of us dream of, I was actually left speechless (and not in a good way).

Much to my surprise, I awoke this morning to find that someone actually managed to take this dizzying concept a step further; Wesley Puryear and Valerie Hernandez did not look for sponsors for their own wedding, they simply charged an admission fee. Should this trend continue, I anticipate many changes will need to be made to the average wedding: instead of valet parkers, couples might need to set up ticket booths where admission fees can be collected and counted. Seems to me that the renaissance of the "cash bar" most certainly is not far behind either. Perhaps we'll need to add a line on the reply card where invited guests can jot down their credit card numbers and expiration dates. Best of all, maybe the bride and groom should consider selling off seats at the most desirable tables at their reception on ebay? Winner takes all!

Ok folks, I fully admit that I am (by some standards at least) still considered kind of young and have certainly not yet graduated from the "hard knocks school of life." However, for me, this sort of behavior waters down the concept of commitment and marriage to such a degree, that I'm not even sure how to define or categorize what you're left with. True love? Family? Lifelong commitment? I imagine that it would be super duper hard to see and honor these beautiful ideas while standing in the heat waiting in the slow moving ticket line at the admission booth at someone's wedding. As my wise grandma would likely say "OY."

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Ericka said...

although, I am sure that you could whip up some really cute admission tickets!!! ;)