Thursday, September 15, 2005

Here's how to make it to the top

Arlene Blum is a world famous mountain climber. I normally don't pay attention to climbing or mountain climbers. Honestly, with my double fear of heights AND falling, if ever there were a sport that was *not* for me, this one is it. But Arlene Blum is a special exception; she has taken her amazing experiences (climbing some of the most technically difficult mountain ranges in the world) and spun it into a series of stellar tips and advice for small biz owners.

I recently came across this article about Blum on Fast Company and amazingly enough, her advice on "how to make it to the top" works for getting to the top of a mountain, OR the top of the business world. Her advice is solid, and she manages to deliver in a way that even makes typically hokey sounding things like visualization make loads of sense (I actually really believe in visualization--that was just the cynic in me rearing her ugly head for a moment).

She's well worth checking out.

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