Thursday, September 01, 2005


Watch the Today Show on NBC tomorrow morn, 9/2. Tune in at around 9:30am and pay close attention to the segment on awesome bridal shower gifts. I'll tell you why later ;)

UPDATE: we got cut. Boo hoo.

UPDATE TO MY UPDATE: woo hoo! The segment wound up being taped *after* the show was over and they are now planning on running it next Thurs, 9/8. I think. Of course anything and everything could change, but seems like we're back on Katie's "to do" list. Hollah!

UPDATE CUBED: Now it looks like Monday, 9/12 is the day.


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Dear Monday said...

Hello there! I've just discovered your blog a few days ago. Darn! Sorry you got cut. We cancelled our cable and wouldn't have been able to see it anyway, but I wanted to hear all about it.
Hope you still share even if it was cut.

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