Friday, December 09, 2005

Drop Send

It's old news already that I'm a hardcore Life Hacker addict, but talk about the universe delivering just when you need it to.

Yesterday, I had to quickly send out some VERY large files (2 Paper Bride product photos) to our PR agency and it was just not working. They were way too big for my email to handle and after 15 minutes of watching my outbox sputter and stall, I decided to go to with Plan B.

I had just that morn read about this fab new site called that allegedly makes sending large files a snippity snap.

I downloaded the software (which took about 3.2 seconds), uploaded my files, and voila! No problemo. It still took a good bit of time to get the files downloaded, but the whole process could not have been easier. And you could see the progression of the file the whole time, which greatly put my mind at ease. Best of all, you can save your files to your account so that you can easily send the same ones out again the next time around.

Best of all, this whole shebang is free. There are options for beefier accounts for those who send out lots of big files, but for those of us that just need to send things out periodically, the free account seems to be just fine.

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Great Link. Thanks. - Ayal