Monday, December 26, 2005

Happy, happy, Merry merry

I've been saying for weeks how special I thought it was that Christmas and Chanukah both fell on the same day this year. Call me cheezy, but I just thought that it meant a lot that many of us would be celebrating the kick off of the holiday season on the very same day. I like what that says metaphorically and, aside from the poor Chinese food restaurant owners who were losing their massive Jewish influx on christmas day, the real life "chrissmakuh" just seemed pretty darn cool.

Though I could not recall another time in my life this had happened, little did I know that this was the first time this dual holiday has occurred in 100 years.

Anyway, wishing the happiest of holidays (whichever one you celebrate!) to everyone and their families and a spectacular new year for all.

Hollah for Hannukah!
Merry to the X-mas!

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