Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Cool Hunting

My super secret, dreamland, no way jose job would be to work as a cool hunter or trend forecaster. I briefly thought of pursuing this way back when, but decided it was way too much of a longshot. Nonetheless, I've continued to remain abnormally entranced with pop culture, trends, celebrity nonesense and just can't get enough of whatever it is that's "hot" at the moment (except for saying "that's hot"...I hate that).

I was thrilled to recently come across an international global trend blog called PSFK and promptly spent far too much time hoppin, skipping & jumping all over their fun filled pages. I particularly loved this discussion of "trend" vs. "trendy."

Aside from just being super duper entertained by all of this, I suppose my basic philosophy is that if you are in the business of creating and selling, you need to be on top of what it is out in the world that fascinates people...makes them smile...or makes them say "I want that." In my super naive, humbled experience so far, there is just so much more to selling and being successful than simply making something cool. Your "something cool" is, in fact, almost besides the point. Everyone has something cool--it's what you do with your cool thing (how you sell it, how you market it, what stores you sell it in, what magazines you submit your press kits to, what snazzy promotional ideas you come up) that will really dictate whether or not your cool thing will make its way onto the trend forecaster's radar screen or shrivel up in your basement. Thank goodness I live in a tiny apartment in New York City and don't have a basement.

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