Thursday, July 21, 2005

"Tip me over and pour me out..."

I am a HUGE fan of Malcolm Gladwell in general and an even bigger fan of his book The Tipping Point which I found to be a seriously riveting look at the process of trends growing and expanding and finally reaching that marketing nirvana state of critical mass. Right now, for instance, its peasant skirts. Can you think of a single day in recent memory that you were out and about walking on the streets and did not see a girl, woman or chick walking around in a gauzy peasant skirt? My guess would be no. Hell, I finally had to give in and get one myself. But I digress.

I came across this today: Tipping Point - The net version and thought it did a spiffy job of summing up some of Gladwell's finer points. Though I should warn if you find any of these tidbits even remotely interesting, you really should pick up the book--its pretty trendalicious.

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