Saturday, July 30, 2005

My cheatin' heart...

Well, not *my* cheatin' heart, because I don't cheat. But a lottttt of people do. I don't mean to sound bitter, but I read a lot of magazines and have a seaon pass to Oprah, and believe me, its rampant.

i've read a heap of articles about the Secret Lover Collection of cards recently, and I'll go on record as saying I think its a pretty damn brilliant idea. Basically, its a line of greeting cards for people that cheat on their spouses and, as such, often deal with a set of challenging and unusual circumstances.

Though I'm still young enough and idealistic enough to believe wholeheartedly that I will never be one of her customers, I still want to send out some mad props of my own to Cathy Gallagher, the creator of the line. She has been quoted as saying: "I'm not a crusader for infidelity I'm a businesswoman and an entrepreneur. I've concluded that it isn't my place to judge." Gallagher saw a need that was not being met and, quite simply, she filled it. Period. In essence, I have tried to do the exact same thing with Paper Bride. Right now, cards like these are borderline five years, they'll probably be in a prominent "CHEATING" section in Hallmark.

By the way, Cathy, if you are out there, can you please send me the name of your PR firm?--they're seriously doing a bang up job.

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