Thursday, July 14, 2005


If you know the GTD acronym already you are likely a reader of Lifehacker or 43 Folders...or both. You are probably pretty organized, make lots of lists and use things like Quicksilver. Basically, you Get Things Done.

Getting Things Done is basically a framework for keeping your life organized and streamlined in a way that most of us find very difficult to do with our day-to-day, pile up the mail on the coffee table, answer emails days or weeks later, avoid our to-do-lists as if they were covered in fleas sort of approaches. Sellf-appointed productivity guru David Allen claims that he has the answer...and the answer is GTD.

Wired magazine has an interesting profile on this dude who, as they point out, seriously has a cult-like following.

Though I have not yet read the book, I'm actually insanely curious and itching to implement some sort of organizational structure into my own life. Not that I have bills piled up on the coffee table...or emails to answer...or dishes in the sink...or anything like that. Nope. Not me. No siree Bob.

(Note to self: ditch home webcam idea)

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