Wednesday, July 20, 2005

How to be Creative

The internet is really an amazing thing. I swear you could now find tips and tricks to do anything you could possibly ever think of (both good and bad), but here is a good one: How to be Creative.

If you read my blog and you're, in any way shape or form, trying to make a living at some sort of creative endeavor, this would be a pretty amazing skill to be able to pull up on cue. Most of us are creative, sometime, somewhere, someplace, but I myself have definitely struggled with the hows of bringing up this creativity when I need it...or really want it.

No. 30 also really rang true for me: "The hardest part of being creative is getting used to it. If you have the creative urge, it isn't going to go away. But sometimes it takes a while before you accept the fact.

Mostly I love the idea that you really can "call up" your own creativity whenever you need to. I mean, you can be focussed when you need to, reasonable when you need to, sympathetic when you need to, why not creative? I'm off to be creative RIGHT NOW (if you consider rummaging through my cupboards trying to find a reasonable treat for Oliver "creative" as all of his normal standby's have been gobbled up. Graham crackers? Cheese Nips? Anyone?...)

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