Sunday, April 30, 2006

Apple's Pro Care Program

For any other Apple obsessed peeps out there who happen to live near a big, bad Apple Store, I'd like to HIGHLY recommend getting yourself a membership in their ProCare program. In a few words: it seriously rocks the hizzouse.

I had heard of this program before, and for some reason, I thought it cost about $500 smackers. Alas, its only $99 for the year, and what you get for it is pretty darn amazing:
* Fast Track Repair - anytime your computer needs to go in for a repair (something that normally can take 10-14 business days--yikes!), you get "fast tracked." I recently had to have my mother board replaced and it was done in one day. Also, when going into the store, you get "next in line, first on the bench" status at the Genius Bar. Holla!
* Personal Training - You can sign up for once a week, one-on-one hour long personal training sessions on anything apple computer related (including software, os x questions, ANYTHING). I've taken some training lessons on the Pages program and these seriously rock.
* Your computer (or computerS) are entitled to a once yearly "tune up" that also includes an upgrade in system software (yep, for free).
* Complete set-up of new computers - anytime you buy a new mac, your ProC are card entitles you to a complete set-up. All of your files and data will be moved to the new computer for you, so when you pick it up, you're all set and ready to go.
* Advance Reservations - you also get to make advance reservations (up to a week) at the genius bar. The rest of the world, needs to call for same day service and, at least here in NYC, wait for an appointment that could be as late as 8pm at night.

I've had ProCare for about a month, and seriously, I think its already paid for itself twice over. Again, this is really suited for those of you who live near and frequent Apple Stores, but if you do, this is really something you should get on pronto!


Leslie said...

ProCare seriously rocks! Big time!!! I agree with you! :) Definitely worth every penny.

gilley said...

Ooh, I wish I had an Apple Store near me.

Funny story - last year, after the last day of the show, Julian and I were strolling around NYC when we came upon heaven - the Apple Store. We were trying to find a little neighborhood bar to have a martini and unwind. I saw the words "Genius Bar" and with the enthusiasm of a 4 year-old on Christmas morning, said, "Ooh, how cool is that?! We can go have a drink at the Apple Store!!" duh.

meriz said...

i'm a procare member and i couldn't agree more! i learned photoshop and iweb in a one on one and they've helped me so many times with little computer emergencies. it's great!

Marty said...

Do you guys tip the person who assists you with a one on one appointment for personal training?
If so, how much?