Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Write lots of thank you notes

I'm a major thank you note sender. Sometimes I send thank yous via email, but most of the time, I write a good ole fashioned note. I truly believe that a lovely, personalized thank you note is such an easy, quick, painless way to show your appreciation and really goes such a long way in making a positive impact with people.

I've gotten pretty good at writing them throughout the years, but for those of you who need some help, here's a great article on how to write a super juicy thank you note (via Lifehacker).

For super special thank yous, I often take the thank you note one step further and send a gift. I have found, almost more than anything, that the thank you note/gift combo seriously gets you the most bang for your buck in life and in business (not that I'm doing this strictly to get noticed and appreciated, but it's not such a bad thing to have people feeling warm and fuzzy about you).

Here are some of my fave thank you gift resources (mostly food):

Fretzels - yummy chocolate covered pretzels
Russ & Daughters - Delicious caviar, lox and all sorts of fab jewish goodies
Zingerman's - Fab gourmet baskets featuring artisinal cheeses, breads, baked goods, etc
Hampton Popcorn - chocolate popcorn? Yep, its tasty!
H & H Bagels - Nothing says "thanks" better than a dozen NY bagels
Diptyque Candles from Beauty Habit
Used Coffee Table or Art Books from

Also a big fan of itunes gift certificates!

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Jolie said...

Hi There,

I have been enjoying your blog for a little while now. I'm so glad that you referenced for books. Being from Portland, I'm spoiled by how amazing this insanely huge and great bookstore is. It's nice to see others from out of state enjoy them too.

Blue Skies!