Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Invoicing Sucks

Despite the fact that I'm fairly organized in several areas of my life, in others I'm a walking nightmare. Invoicing is one of those walking nightmare areas.

I'm ok generating invoices, but keeping track of them is impossible. I don't have a good system (do I make one folder for outstanding invoices? Or do I keep outstanding invoices in each company file and keep those in a certain area?). I really don't know.

So, I was pretty excited to come across this online invoicing site BlinkSale (via Life Hacker) that basically takes care of everything for you. You can use a pre-designed template for your invoices, track them for yourself, send clients friendly reminders and even "tag" your invoices with keywords. I have not yet signed up, but I spent some time checking it out and I'm seriously intrigued. Perhaps I'll get this up-and-running after the National Stationery Show in May to keep track of my HUGE influx of orders. Do you hear that Universe? I said HUGE!

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Henry said...


Look at QuickBooks Online. You can access it from anywhere and it keeps everything neat and tidy. We switched to this about 6 months ago and had NO (i mean ZERO) accounting skills.
Email me if you have questions.
melissa AT toccaredesign DOT com