Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Paper Love

Our wedding invitations arrived yesterday, and I couldn't resist posting a pic because they are really just to die for.

A huge, gargantuan shout out to Rachelle of Wiley Valentine who was endlessly patient, super quick to repsond to all of my annoying questions and requests and insanely talented to boot.

For some reason I couldn't get a great pic, so let me tell you whey our invites are so fab in case you can't see:
*They each have 3 perfect, adorable little pink crystals on the main invitation
*Foregoing calligraphy, we have totally chic labels on our invite envelopes
*As I'm not a wedding bird girl, we designed coordinating stamps for both the invite envelope and the reply card envelope.
*the pink and creme is so chic...palm desert..and pretty much perfectly matches my dress
*my new last initial ("R") gets some prominent play :)

I was so excited, I marched straight over to the post office and had em all hand canceled and sent on their way!


marzi said...

they're beautiful! congratulations!

Bee said...

they are gorgeous!!! i love the envelopes and the stamps. beautiful all around.

bsdstudio said...

Great invites and thanks for posting. I was curious to see what you would end up with seeing that you are in the "wedding" biz.

Angela said...

Fantasic Erica! Just lovely!

i *heart* paper said...

Wow, Erica these are wonderful! I'm so glad you were able to make the connection with Wiley :-)

chrisseli said...

They're lovely! Would you mind sharing where you got the invitation address labels from?

weepopstar said...

Are you getting married by a Rabbi? Is he going to perform the ceremony before Shabbat ends?!

Erica said...

weepopstar: yes, we are getting married by a rabbi! And SHE is marrying us after sundown on Sat eve (so yes, after shabbat) :)

Miss Beaux said...

Love, love, love Wiley Valentine!