Wednesday, August 16, 2006

We're Goin' to the Hamptons!

Watch out Kelly Ripa, we're Hamptons-bound this weekend.

Paper Mama will be participating in this upcoming event this Friday. Joining me will be my fabulously talented cousin Meri who recently launched her own fantastic line of kid-friendly t-shirts: VeryMeri. My brother and cousin Mike run a wildly successful security tag business, which means that each of the four oldest grandkids in our family are kickin' it entrepreneur style. It's definitely in our blood--our Grandpa Harry was one hell of a business man. He opened a sporting goods store/RV dealership on Long Island over 50 years ago that remains in business even today.


i *heart* paper said...

Watch out Hamptons! How neat!!!

Security Tags said...

Respect the GrandPa!