Friday, August 11, 2006

To Do's for Me-n-You

Though I've been slacking lately, I previously have used Ta Da Lists to keep track of my "to do's" online. Ta Da is an easy, unfussy way to keep track of what's goin on, but I'm really intrigued by an even bigger and badder "to do" listkeeper called HiveMinder.

Hive Minder takes things one step further by allowing you to "tag" your todo items, set due dates and, again, share with others. You can even create group hives, so if you have an ongoing project or a business partner, you can set up shared todo lists with task reminders and due dates! Yowza.

I definitely need a hive for our leftover wedding planning tasks, one for Paper Bride, one for Paper Mama, one for our new apartment in Brooklyn (to keep track of leftover needed items for our mortgage), I might need a hive to keep track of future hives that I need.


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