Tuesday, August 01, 2006

PR Web...Beyond the Press Release

Not sure if you guys have ever gone explorin', but there are actually some cool features on PRweb.com that go beyond submitting press releases.

There is an entire (fairly comprehensive) list of PR firms to sort through for those who might be thinking about taking the leap and hiring an agency.

There are industry category newsfeeds that you can subscribe to. This can get a bit overwhelming, but for those who are really committed to staying on top of news in your own category (or looking for samples of other press releases that similar businesses have written), this is a great resource.

Even if you have never submitted a press release before, I would definitely recommend signing up and getting yourself one of their free accounts. This allows you access to free seminars and webinars on various PR topics (currently there are some on SEO and a new user orientation).

PRweb.com even lets you submit Podcasts for distribution now (something I'd really like to get into).

Look around a bit...there's quite a bit to see.

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