Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Ready for QVC?

For anyone out there with a product that they feel might be appropriate for QVC, they are on the hunt for some fresh meat. Even if you only kinda, sorta feel like your product would work, with an audience of 89 million, you may just want to give it a shot.

From their website:

What does QVC look for in a product?
Generally, QVC looks for products that:
*demonstrate well
*solve a common problem
*make life easier
*appeal to a broad audience
*have unique features and benefits

Your product should also be priced $15 or higher.

They are conducting a Product Search Event in NYC on October 24, 2006 (DAMN, will be on my Honeymoon!) They are accepting event registrations online beginning Tuesday, September 5, so check back with their site then if you would like to throw your hat into the ring!


Lynda said...


I'm so sorry it's taken so long to get you into the Delighfulblog directory but I really love your blog and am adding it now but in the Work and Career section which while not 100% of what you post about I think is really important and very helpful.


i *heart* paper said...

FYI for anyone considering QVC, they have a minimum product quantity that you MUST have in stock, ready to sell. Last I checked it was pretty high - something like 5000 pieces. Be sure to check the info in the packet they send to you :-)