Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Screw You Mel Gibson

Off topic for a moment here, Mel Gibson's recent episode in which he was captured (on tape!), after being arrested for driving under the influence, spewing hate-filled anti-semitic epithets seriously made my stomach churn. I'm sorry this guy has a problem with alcohol and wish him well in his recovery, but I've instituted a full on personal Gibson ban in my life and do not, for one hot minute, believe his BS apology about how it was "just the booze talking."

I've never gotten drunk before and went off on a rant about how much I hate Flamenco Dancers...because I don't hate Flamenco Dancers. I've never had a thought in my head that I hate Flamenco Dancers, discussed with others how I hate Flamenco Dancers or been associated with any other Flamenco Dance-hating peeps. This was clearly *not* the booze talking.


Anonymous said...

Quite right.A lot of people are going: 'aww he was drunk and didn't know what he was saying'. That's baloney on TWO counts.
Firstly: What you said. Drink can only bring out emotions which are already inside someone. And I accept that it can exaggerate the force of these opinions too.
But crucially Gibson was NOT drunk. Not drunk enough to lose control to the extent he didn't know what he was saying at all.
He was over the legal limit to Drive....but that doesn't equate to being legless or out-of-control. At all. It probably wasn't even enough to make Gibson 'party happy', given that he has a self-confessed drink problem and probably needs MUCH more to get plastered than the average person.
So what made this stuff come out was only PARTLY alcohol...it was much more about Rage, arrogance, and being angry about Jews.

Angela said...

At first I thought too much was being made out of this whole thing. I just saw it as "ok, Mel is human and makes mistakes, too. Gee... big suprise!" But there seems to be something deeper here...

My Mother use to say "What is in a man's heart, he speaks". I think that this is even more true when you are in an 'emotional state' and have a loose tounge.

Unfortunately, this seems to be true for Mel. And I for one, pitty him, since he obviously IS 'human' and a tad bit STUPID!


Nikki said...

Here here! I totally agree with your post. Mel is finally showing his true colors. Boo to him-- I am glad that Disney had the sense to pull him off that Holocaust program he was going to produce.

singlemuslimah said...

You are so right. If it wasn't in his heart, he wouldn't have said it. Random, hate-filled thoughts just don't pop out of your mouth when you're drunk. Drinking brings out what's already inside. I was never impressed with Mel Gibson and I have absolutely no use for him now.

Jessica said...

Can I get a HELL YEAH!!!


He sucks! I cant' stand him either!! I've boycotted everything Mel Gibson!