Wednesday, August 24, 2005 Chanukah

Brilliant! Brilliant I say to Elise Okrend who has developed a line of greeting cards that address the multi-cultural, mixed religion families of today who celebrate both Christmas and Chanukah, Mixed Blessing. Way to pick up on a social trend and capitalize on it, Elise!

Though I've read about this line before, MSNBC has a great article/interview with her. Elise mentions in the interview how she and her husband (who is her biz partner) really took the time to build up their biz slowly, rather than diving in head first with no bathing suit on or water in the pool, like some (of us) have done. She also mentions that in the last few years, her strongest area of growth has been in online sales (hollah!). Love to hear that. Mazel Tov Elise!


The Daily Growler said...

Elise Okrend is a remarkable woman--her husband's OK,too, but Elise is the most remarkable.

All kinds of mixed blessings on her...they are wafting around her lost in cyberspace.


Karen said...

I know two families- one friends, the other immediate family- who celebrate both. Great entreprenuership! Smart lady!