Sunday, August 28, 2005

Who needs a job?

Here's some stellar advice re: going about the process of saying "see ya!" for those (of us) who might be considering resigning.

Of course there's the little tip about actually having a job before you take the leap, some sample resignation letters and a list of smart things to think about before taking the plunge (i.e. unused vacation days, insurance, 401k plans, etc).

Some other fab job findin' resources: is a job search engine that scours hundreds of different websites and offers up all results in one convenient spot. You can receive results via email or RSS feeds as well. offers up a fantastic "freelance marketplace" in which freelancers can "bid" on job proposals that have been submitted by employers. The site helps you manage invoices and payments and makes the process pretty darn easy and painless.

Craigslist remains one of the fave job search site of unemployed peeps near and far. You can search by city and, though the interface is simple and not snazzy, the sort of positions that are offered tend to be more interesting and less corporate than listings on standard job search sites such as or

For those in the big cities (NY, LA, Miami, etc) looking for event focussed jobs, has some interesting opportunities.