Friday, August 05, 2005

Paper Bride & the NYT=BFF

Yesterday, along with some other hip and fabulous Trunkt designers, Paper Bride was in the New York Times.

Now, stick with me folks. You have to dig a little because we are not mentioned by name. But do you see that part where they say "not-so-subtle engagement announcements with an illustration of a diamond ring and the words "bling bling" ($15 for 20)"? That's us! I realize this is like one of those blind items on Page Six where you have to guess who is canoodling with whom, but a mention is a a mention, gosh darnit.

That "old grey lady" is pretty darn hip and happenin' after all.


Turtle Papers said...


Yay!!!! Congrats!

I was wondering how long it took Trunk to get back to you after you submitted the online application.


mia said...

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