Monday, August 01, 2005

Hello, Dollar!

This is not a phrase I mutter often. Perhaps, "SEE YA, dollar," or "stop jumpin outta my wallet, dollar!," or "why must you always hop into the register at Anthropologie, dollar?" But there is a fab new blog, Hello, Dollar! that might help me change my tune.

"Hello, Dollar is about learning to do it the right way: getting out of debt, spending less, saving money and investing in your future. It's about learning the financial habits that will allow you to become rich slowly over a lifetime."

Though the info here is not exactly earth shattering, its nice to be reminded that there are super easy ways we could all be saving some cash if we really wanted to be. This has become doubly difficult for me as a small biz owner, but all the more important. Deciding when, where and how I should spend my money is hard...really hard. And I feel like I make mistakes with it all the time. But I know I could be saving a lot more than I am...and I'm not. Hello, dollar? Are you there, dollar? went chasing after that seafoam green balenciaga bag. Bad, dollar!


Frank said...

Thanks for the link and kind words, Erica! One thing I think is important and try to remember for myself is that it's all a process. If I can just make one tiny improvement once in a while, and stick with it, it adds up surprisingly and pays off big time. Just like saving a little bit of money at a time. :)

anna said...

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