Thursday, August 25, 2005

Entertaining Ways to Network

The concept of "networking" used to make my skin crawl. After my stint in the entertainment industry when I had some of the slimiest and most unplesant of networking experiences (YES, I've been to Sushi Roku...YES, I know that club off of fairfax with no sign that you can only get to by going down that back alley...YES I've partied with what), I just tend to shy away from the whole thing. But, I've quickly come to learn that that's just plain dumb. Networking is an easy and super important tactic to make use of as one grows their own business. I'm constantly amazed by the opportunities that arise and deals that I am able to make by simply making use of my "network." It's pretty cool, actually.

Lifehacker has a great post on some entertaining ways to network swiped from the pages of a new book called The Big Sister's Guide to the World of Work: The Inside Rules Every Working Girl Must Know.

Speaking of networking, I couldn't pass up an opportunity to plug my fave networking group of all time: Ladies Who Launch. This is a nationwide group of the coolest, most ineteresting, most talented and sucessful women you could ever hope to find, and I'd highly recommend seeking them out immediately and finding some ladies ho launch of your own. You won't be sorry.


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