Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Hurry up and write me back

Are you a quick email responder? Or do you let things languish sometimes (like me)? If the former, good for you; if the latter, buck up and get with the program.

I loved this article on Working Smart (via Life Hacker) about what Michael Hyatt deems the key to his success:

The truth is, you are building your reputation—your brand—one response at a time. People are shaping their view of you by how you respond to them. If you are slow, they assume you are incompetent and over your head. If you respond quickly, they assume you are competent and on top of your work. Their perception, whether you realize it or not, will determine how fast your career advances and how high you go. You can’t afford to be unresponsive. It is a career-killer.

This is a great reminder of how important it is to stay on top of responding to your customers, your vendors and really anyone in your life. I know how much I appreicate a quick response or a prompt callback, don't you? Ok then...I'm off to respond to a load of emails that have been rotting in my inbox. Oops.

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Bee said...

I get a lot of emails and sometimes it's hard for me to respond right away.... but you inspired me to catch up today.