Saturday, February 25, 2006

Mag Hound

My love of magazines is legendary amongst my friends and family. I've been like this ever since I can remember and I'm not sure why. But walking into one of those big airport magazine stands is as close to visiting a crack house as I think I'll ever get.

I've been lucky enough to find some super cheap online discount subscription sites such as Discount Magazines and Mags For Less. Most of my subscriptions from these sites are around $5.95 for the year (yep,including New York magazine which comes 52 times a year!). Needless to say, these discounts have kept me from having to apply for food stamps since, well...I have a lot of subscriptions. Here's a sneak peek:

Vanity Fair
In Style
Martha Stewart Living
Martha Stewart Weddings
Modern Bride
Business 2.0
Greetings, Etc.

My good friend Jennifer Tam over at Turtle Papers (go to her site and buy lots of stuff--it's really all super cute!) introduced me to this fantastically clever new service for mag peeps like me: Mag Hound.

They really have an insanely clever idea over at Mag Hound (which happens to be run by the folks at Time, Inc) that allows you to pay a monthly service fee for all of your magazines (rather than specific titles) that you can mix and match as you please. They have different packages based upon how many magazines you'd like to receive per month (I would probably go for the 7 magazines for 11.95 per month) and if you ever want to switch one of your choices, you just log into your account and choose another title. This means if you're still pissed at Vanity Fair for outing Lindsay Lohan's eating disorder, just switch your subscription choice to the New Yorker and move on your merry way.

I really think this is an insanely fabulous idea. I would have to do the math for my sitch and would guess it might not be as economical as my current plan b/c I have subscriptions in the double digits. But as I'm guessing most of you are not freaks like me, this may work great for you.

If you sign up now, use code: flexible to get 3 whole months free. Holla!

Edited to add: OOps! Thanks to a tip from our sassy friend Joy we heard that apparently this site is still in "test mode." This basically means that you can feel free to enter all of your info and get all the way to the end of the process, before you are notified that you can't really order anything yet. Stay tuned--I will keep my eye on this and let you know when its up and running


Mgems said...

I'm with you on the magazine subscription. I buy all of my subscriptions on ebay, and while they take a little longer to kick in, they are cheap, cheap, cheap. Example: 1 yr. Lucky, 2 yr. Domino Total: $14
I also got my Inc and Entrepreneur on there for like $2 and $3 each. Def. worth checking out :)

paper sweets said...

Apparently there is a mag obsession plaque going around. :-)

Mgems - same brain. I posted the same thing on my blog about my ebay subscriptions...hehe.

joy said...

hey erica,
i posted about this site a little while ago and turns out it's a marketing promotion and does not currently exist. people kept telling me they couldn't actually purchase the service and it doesn't tell you till the end right after you've already decided to's not a scam...just in test

Anonymous said...

Joy..Its actually a real service now,. That was a few years ago. I have already signed up.

Anonymous said...

thanks for the tip ive seen ads for the website just didnt know how it works but after reading your post i think ill sign up cos it does save a lot of money cos im addicted to 3 weekly mags :) thanks again