Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Keep on Movin'

I've talked a bit about the fact that though I'm going on month four of working from home, I've yet to really develop a routine for myself. This makes me mad...and then I feel all motivated to do something about it...and then the next day I'm somehow, yet again, sucked into an episode of Tyra when I should be categorizing receipts, emailing stores or even doing the dishes. Ok, so I suck.

Anyhoo, I loved reading this article from Joel On Sofware about his "fire and motion" theory. He went back and took a look at the times in his life he was most motivated vs. the times he couldn't get a damn thing done. He came to realize that it was all about moving forward, even just a little bit every day. As you do so, you push yourself more and more.

Joel is a programmer, which you might be considering has nothing to do with stationery...or the wedding industry...or YOU, but this article actually gave me a nice kick in the ass this morn. So enough of you chumps, its back to work for me!


paper sweets said...

oh i hear ya. i need to read this one and also get a routine in place! i have the perfect, pathetic set up for my office. laptop in the den along with the cozy leather chair & ottoman. as the laundry piles up and the dishes are calling out, i've been surfing the web and blog reading. gotta love the sucks you in.

i *heart* paper said...

So true! It's so interesting to learn how your brain picks up bad habits by making "short cuts" to a behaviour that is repeated. If you repeat a good behavior, it gets easier and easier...same holds true for bad habits. Great article!

Mgems said...

Hi Paperbride!
I don't work from home (yet), but I even find it hard not to get stuck in blog land and message boards on the weekends and week nights when I'm supposed to be moving my business forward. I've started writing weekly goals for myself and am finding it really helpful. If I put it on paper, I'm much more likely to stick to it.

Erica said...

great idea, mgems!