Thursday, February 23, 2006

Customer Service? If you can call it that...

I've ranted before about my frustrations wih customer service representatives. Amazingly, I seem to find myself in new and more infurating situations on almost a daily basis.

For instance, today I called Overnight Prints (I'm not including their link because I hope you NEVER visit them) to discuss a refund I was supposed to receive almost 2 months ago (FYI, the quality of their printing sucks and their prices are so cheap for a very good reason: I could have done a better job with my inkjet printer). While waiting on the phone, they actually have a recording that has the gall to tell me that I was "caller number 28"...uhm, TWENTY EIGHT? Note to Overnight prints: perhaps it might be time to hire an extra customer service rep or two?

Anyhoo, I likely would have had a much easier time of things today if I had a detailed record of my last phone conversation with specifics about who I spoke with, what they said and what didn't happen that was supposed to. Luckily our good friends over at I Will Teach You to Be Rich turned us onto this handy little excel spreadsheet that will help me do just that next time around. This is super duper easy to keep hanging out on your desktop--whenever you make a call, just open her right up and take a few notes to document what happens. Pretty freakin' brilliant.

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frida said...

thanks for the tip and for pointing my way to that yours too.