Thursday, February 02, 2006

My lips are sealed...

Man, am I guilty of this myself. I'm *always* afraid to talk about a new fab idea I might have because I'm afraid someone is going to steal it. So I keep it a secret...and make everyone I tell swear that they'll keep it a secret too. Then we're all so busy keeping the secret about my million dollar idea, opportunities are being missed, networking possibilities are being lost and buzz is decidly NOT being built.

There is a great article on this very topic over on I will teach you to be rich which basically says: get the heck over yourself.

I'm busily trying to get into this frame of mind myself as I get ready to launch Paper Bride's little sister, Paper Mama. There I said, it: PAPER MAMA. Coming soon to a www near you.


marzi said...

what a great idea! good luck in your new venture. i'm sure it paper mama will be as popular as paper bride! go get em'!

i *heart* paper said...

BEST WISHES!!! You're post went straight to the heart because I'm also opening a new division of my company...and I haven't felt comfortable sharing the details yet because I've definitely had the rug pulled out from under me several times in the past. I'm absolutely going to read that article ASAP!! Looking forward to reading more about Paper Mama!

Angela said...


THAT is a fantastic idea! Congratulations on expanding!
I completely agree with the idea of sharing of one's self and great ideas. So many people in the Wedding Industry have a problem with this... but just think of it as a great way to get free publicity and knowledge - you can't beat that!