Thursday, March 10, 2005

Paper Bride is born

As cheesy as this might sound, Paper Bride actually came to be during one of those "Eureka!" moments. I don't remember exactly where I was or exactly what I was doing, but I remember that it hit me like a bolt of lightning. HAZZAH!! And then there it was in my mind...this kernel of an idea waiting to be hatched. Here it is in a nutshell: We've all been to Hallmark, American Greetings and a whole host of other lame, unineresting card stores. Few people like em, but we all shop in them anyway. About two years ago, virtually everyone in my life started to get married and, due to these circumstances, I was buying more presents and doing more congratulating than I ever have in my entire life. I quickly noticed that all of the cards out there fell into two main categories: congratulations on your engagement and congratulations on your wedding. Of course there are some stray Bridal Shower cards here and there, but not many. This seemed weird to me...80 billion dollars a year is spent on the wedding industry; there is so much wedding crap out there, savvy brides can barely keep up with it all, so why the heck are there so few cards out there?! It was mind boggling. And so, I decided that that's where Paper Bride will come in. We will have cards to send to your new mother-in-law to thank her for welcoming you into the family, cards to send to the caterer (and all the other vendors) to thank them for a job well done, or cards to send to forgiving friends to apologize for being a bridezilla. We plan to have postcard save-the-dates, jewish themed cards (Baruch atah adonai; thank God she found a boy!") and a whole lotta others to help out brides deal with...well, all the stuff they need to deal with when planning a wedding.

So this is the story of how I put this whole shebang together. Its been over two years now...and I still sort of have no clue what I'm doing. But I'll tell you about it anyway.

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