Thursday, March 31, 2005

Do Brides have more fun?

I know the saying is actually "Blondes have more fun," but quite frankly, it seems like they should switch it to "brides have more fun." Having never been a bride myself, I have to say that it looks pretty freakin fabulous. Putting aside the whole finding the love of your life person who you want to settle down and grow old with thing (and YES, that is wonderful...I've done should give it a try sometime if you haven't already), there are so many fun things to buy, cool things to plan and fabu presents to be had. I suppose it wasn't necessarily the best idea for a bride wannabe like myself to get involved in the bridal industry as I now find myself buying Martha Stewart Weddings for "research purposes," trolling the boards on The Knot again, for "research purposes" and going to events like the New York Weddings Showcase --say it with me now "for research purposes." All I know is, by the time I do actually get to plan my own wedding, I think I can probably have the whole thing wrapped up in about 3 days. And let me just say: whomever invented the idea of a registry, my hat is waaay off to ya. When else in your life do you get to basically just make a list of all of the things that you want with a virtual guarantee that you'll get most of em!? I'm sorry...screw being a blonde, I want to be a bride.

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