Thursday, March 31, 2005

Trade Showzzzzz

I'm exhibiting in the National Stationery Show this May here in NYC and I've never been quite so thrilled and excited about something while at the same time so physically nauseated by its prospect, in my whole darn life. I still find it difficult to wrap my brain around the fact that I will have my own little ole' booth...where people might stop by (people with money) actually buy things...from ME!? I'm worried about choosing the right shade of pink for our carpet...or that our cards won't look right against the yet unidentified curtain we will have hanging...or that everyone will smile pleasantly and then just walk right by us. Maybe I'll get no orders. Maybe everyone will hate Paper Bride..think we're dumb...think I'm dumb. Phew, truth I guess that's my worst dream "what if I showed up naked to homeroom" sort of scenario. I still am super nervous and need to work out more details than will fit on my puny "to do" list. But I also know that somehow, some way I will make it all work. Everything somehow always comes together magically exactly as its supposed to...which is something I need to remember at 2:36am when I can't sleep b/c I just remembered something else I forgot to do. It will work out. It will be fine. It must. Otherwise, stop back here in a month or so for some bargain basement deals on 5500 boxes of super cute bridal greeting cards and stationery :)

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BusyNothings said...

This is how I'm feeling at this very moment! We're exhibiting at the show this year, and I'm feeling a bit nauseated already, with six months to go!